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02 November 2010 @ 02:58 am
Katie & Emily: An Analysis PicSpam (S3)  

Little Emily

In the first episode, we get our first peek into the world of the Fitch Twins. When we first meet Emily, we see glimpses of assertiveness, maybe even nativity...until we meet Katie, who we are immediately annoyed with for completely destroying Emily's attempt at a perfect first day and impression. And it's here where the power dynamic comes into play, when we realize that Katie swoops in and steals Emily's thunder (and outfit), that this happens quite often, and consequently Emily's spunky personality is trampled on and she is left out completely.

Katie seems to enjoy rubbing it all in her sister's (and everyone else's) face, from the boyfriend flaunting to the bragging and excessive PDA in front of the school. At first, it may seem that Katie has everything Emily wants...but this is Skins, where the characters are far more complex, and we realize that Katie TRIES, really TRIES, while Emily just is. Is it possible that Katie is secretly intimidated by her sister?

Either way, Episode One Emily is soft-spoken, quiet and complacent. It's amazing to watch later episodes and S4 when her bold personality comes bursting out. But immediately this set-up between the twins makes Katie seem shallow and Emily mysterious. Where is the girl who made numerous versions of the perfect First Day outfit, who kicked her brother and told him to "fuck off" with a banana in hand?

I love the third cap. Emily is expressing what all of us are thinking when we first meet Katie.

This moment is adorable, with Emily gaining satisfaction watching her sister put her foot in her mouth and get schooled in front of Effy, who she is desperately trying to win over. Maybe being the quiet one has its benefits. Yet this version of Emily is a stark contrast to what she grows into as the series progresses.

And there it is. Emily finally bucks up the courage to defend herself, all of those emotions come bursting out like a shaken soda can. Katie quickly shoots her down, and Emily begins to waver and make excuses: "I was drunk...someone gave me MDMA...I just felt like fucking kissing someone". She is still intimidated by Katie, and Katie still holds the reigns here. But this is an important moment, not just because Emily is speaking up, but because she is doing so in front of their group...and in front of Naomi.

Rare moments of Twin Happiness. They are just so cute together when they put the claws away. J'ADORE the matching fake rhinestones they put on their contrasting face birthmarks!

I'm Not Gay

"Are you interested in all the same things?" They both snicker, and in some unspoken way Katie acknowledges the possibility of what makes Emily...different. Katie's attempts to make jokes about the kiss with Naomi reveal how insanely uncomfortable this whole thing makes her, and she ends up unintentionally offending Emily.

I don't think Katie realized how much her words hurt her sister here, or at least she was in denial about it. I love Naomi's expression: a mix of amusement and "Dare me NOT to laugh at this". And it's hurtful, but it's Katie, who is largely an insensitive person at this point.

"Someone gave me MDMA...I just felt like fucking kissing someone, satisfied?" I love foreshadowing...

Her fears and anxieties are confirmed. It's interesting to me how Katie never confronts her sister about this, to our knowledge. Like it's so much easier to put it in a secret box, lock it up, put it away.

"Why didn't you tell me?" The Katie & Emily, always together, everything no more. There are secrets now, secrets slowing coming out. Katie is with Freddie, why should Emily know? Emily is gay. She promised Katie it wasn't true. The double standard here is sickening: Katie can do what she wants, who she wants, but Emily has to uphold promises and make excuses. What seems to hurt Emily most here is how Katie can act disgusted and shocked about the possibility of Emily being gay WHILE being naked in bed with Freddie, who she didn't bother to tell her sister about.

Not Gay, Stupid

I love this scene. High energy, gorgeous red lighting, sex on the dance floor. A classic moment of misunderstanding, which angers Katie. Her sister made this big thing about being gay, yet she's rubbing up against a drunken Cook?

This is an important, though small, moment for both girls. Katie is losing her grip on control, not just of her sister, but of the entire group who she felt she had finally become Queen of. This BBQ put her in charge, and Effy taking this away, taking Freddie's too much. So Katie reacts the only way she knows how: aggressively. And Emily is wonderfully defiant, without realizing how much this is killing her sister.

I also love that this moment is a complete 180 for the twins in a way. Emily is part of the group, ONE of them, while Katie is left out and alone with no one listening.

BOLD EMILY. Take-charge Emily. Defiant Emily. I love this Emily. And you know it's scaring Katie, who we finally hear admit often feels inadequate compared to her sister. "I'm rubbish at History, not like Emily". It's so wonderfully sweet that Emily puts such enormous effort into helping her sister, and so poignant that in response...Katie can't even defend her.

More truth comes out, anger masking pain and anxiety. "You're jealous of me", that must be it. But she knows it isn't. No matter how many degrading insults she slings at Emily, nothing works. Emily's got a shield around her, she's not going to be pushed down anymore. And she makes a low blow, which makes Katie's flimsy armor instantly vanish. "I'm still Emily". Katie is terrified of losing that connection, that sameness, with her sister. How can they be twins when are different in such a vital way? So Katie uses Twinspeak, and Emily temporarily lets her feel in charge again.

I love seeing them like this, so in sync. Closer than we've been lead to believe. I love when they feel like equals.

Though Emily is letting Katie make the decisions, she is different now in an important way. She stands up for her sister, and we see an important moment: Katie recoils in humiliation before verbally attacking Freddie. Like Cook, she puts up a front to mask how she really feels, how insecure she is. Emily stands by her sister in her moment of weakness.

Watching this the first time, I remember reacting like Emily. What is she thinking? Is she nuts? What a bitch! Why isn't she letting this all go? "You have to ask Katie!" The truth is, they're growing apart, and it shakes Katie to her core. She's been taking for granted that her sister will always follow her and let her lead. She reacts with nasty insults, with anger. But again, in that final desperate "You have to ask Katie!" we see the terror in her eyes. It seems silly, it IS silly, but it doesn't feel that way to Katie.

I'm a person

Emily looks overjoyed, huh? She reluctantly goes along, because despite all of the shit they say to each other, they really do love each other. Emily going along with this is less her feeling pulled and more her taking one for the team. What a great twin! The final three caps emphasize my love for Katie Fitch.

If Katie didn't care, it wouldn't have gone down like this. In her own angry, aggressive way, she defends her sister. It's such an awesome prelude to "I'm Katie Fucking Fitch!" She takes her anger out on Naomi, who she is blaming for this whole gay ordeal, who she's deemed a slut that stole her sister, even though she knows it's not the case.

The final fight boils the rage away. I adore when Emily is about to punch Katie in the face, seeing where she just got hit with a rock, that she's just as damaged. And so she uses that hand to help her up, because now Emily finally understands. The last screencap reveals the pain this has caused Katie all along. It wasn't even really about her being gay. She wasn't just a bitch for the sake of being a bitch. Her sister chose Naomi over her. She's been going overboard trying to hold onto Emily, right down to the ridiculous matching outfits, but it's the last straw. And though the ending is sweet for Naomi & Emily, it leaves Katie....alone. It's kind of sad when you watch it with her in mind.

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daisy buchananloretta on November 2nd, 2010 11:25 pm (UTC)
This was amazing. I'm really gonna miss these two. Their relationship is complex, in a way. I really enjoyed this, it's nice seeing how far they've come.

I hated Katie in S3, I thought she was a bitch and I liked Emily more. But you definitely see how different they are if ~provoked. Great picspam, looking forward to the next one.
.whereareurshoes on November 3rd, 2010 12:58 am (UTC)
love this love this. the twins make me oh so happy. i'm a twin myself and their were a lot of parallels between their relationship and the one i have with my own twin.

this was a great read! <3
fullof_grace: freffyfullof_grace on November 3rd, 2010 01:04 am (UTC)
eh. I've always loved Katie so I've always favored her more over Emily.

I liked the analysis of their scenes. Can't wait for s4 picspam!
⌘luck_struck on November 3rd, 2010 04:28 am (UTC)
This is gorgeous and so so so true. Great work <3

I look forward to S4!
i was trying to remember your nameofpaint on November 3rd, 2010 09:18 am (UTC)
Amazing input. Katie & Emily are so interesting together, and I still wish we had gotten more about them.